Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is designed to provide a shared understanding of what is appropriate behavior at FOSS4G NA 2019, how to report an incident, and how the conference committee may respond. The conference is a community event with participation open to anyone interested in open source geospatial technology, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political views, physical appearance, disability, or financial situation. Indeed, attendees are warmly invited from around the world and not just North America.

By attending the conference or any associated event, you agree to follow this code of conduct.

Appropriate Behavior

Any behavior that infringes on another person's enjoyment of the conference is inappropriate. Inappropriate behavior may include actions directed at a specific individual, a class of people, or simply those nearby. Inappropriate behavior may include harassment, pranks, physical touching, aggressive behavior, cornering, or violent actions. No one has the right to make his/her/their experience more enjoyable at the negative expense of other persons.

During this amazing conference, you may hear new ideas, discover new technology, and make new friends! Conversely, if you simply do not get along with someone else, it is always appropriate to simply disengage and walk away.


If you feel that your physical safety is at risk or would like to report a suspected crime, call 911 to contact the local police and fire departments, or get the attention of a conference staff member immediately. The conference committee is ready to coordinate with law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise help you feel safe from harm.

If you feel oppressed, harassed, or not welcome, please bring your concerns to staff or the conference committee, so we may address your concerns. You can email the conference committee at or notify any staff member in-person.

If you do get called out for inappropriate conduct, it is easy to feel caught in a complex tangle of emotions: shame, confusion, anger, embarrassment. This may only increase when those calling you out are not doing so gently. However, as a member of our community, it is your responsibility to respond in a way that promotes healing and personal growth. Even if your actions were simply misinterpreted, it is important for you to respect how others feel and show kindness.

If you would like to report and incident after the event, please email with the relevant details, including where, when, witnesses, and corroborating evidence. The committee will investigate all reported incidents.


The conference committee will not tolerate harassment or inappropriate conduct of any kind toward attendees, organizers, volunteers, presenters, instructors, sponsors, staff, or vendors during the conference and associated events. The committee reserves the right to take any action up to and including expulsion from the conference with no refund.

As appropriate, the committee with work with local law enforcement to investigate any suspected activity illegal in the local jurisdiction.


The Code of Conduct applies to all events associated with the conference, including any official social events at offsite locations. The Code of Conduct cannot apply to events or locations not officially associated with the conference. However, the committee is ready to assist with ensuring your safety or reporting of any incident to law enforcement (regardless of its location).

You should never feel unwelcome or in danger during your time in San Diego, period. Thank you for making this an amazing event!